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Bottom Line will endeavour to keep you updated with the latest news on changes to regulations, from tax and national insurance to government incentives and pension announcements. Technology is also at the forefront of business these days and how technology can lead to increased profits - watch out for news on this.

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The people who can build and nurture client relationships are the real heroes in business. Why? Because revenue from existing client relationships drops straight to the bottom line. It is the best kind of growth a company can have - better than winning new clients and better than acquiring new companies - because it is high-profit growth. All of the most successful and most profitable organisations have a systematic and methodical approach to driving development of their existing clients. This book will share those systems and methods to help all businesses to capitalise on the value of their precious, but under exploited, client relationships

George and Dividends


New £5k limit for divs before you pay tax!


Oh George!!!




Pension and Auto Enrolment


It's coming folks and there's nothing you can do about it other than make sure you are prepared for your staging date. 


Bottom Line work in partnership with Pension experts to ensure your pension scheme is in place and complies.


Check here to find out your staging date here:

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