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Our Services

Bottom Line aim to help small & medium sized businesses with:



We offer helpful advice on Business strategy and growth - to help our clients take the next steps forward. It might be as simple as looking at your cost base - we have many intuitive ways of reducing costs, or helping you develop a proactive Marketing Plan and Budget to generate new leads and growth opportunities. Or to help you gain more of a digital presence and increase revenue streams. Our aim is to improve your Bottom Line.

Financial Modelling

All businesses need targets to aim for. Effective modelling helps to measure success, helps to identify areas of your business that need improving and most importantly - so everyone in your company has a clear end goal in mind. Financial modelling influences key business decisions. It should be the norm in any business, an integral part of every day working life. At Bottom line we have a set of key financial modelling techniques that will influence and change the way you model your business - all aimed at increasing profit and margins.

Board Level and Company Secretary advice

Our experience at board level is quite extensive; we can help in many areas from; share options and Director agreements, to corporate reporting and strategic advice on commercial activities. We feel it's imperative that SME's have access to great advice from a Finance Director.

Our Partners


HR - we have a great working knowledge of HR and we also partner up with employment experts to ensure compliance with statutory requirements.

IT - for many businesses IT is integral to every day operations. Ensuring that the best systems, networks and backup solutions are in place is key. We have extensive experience of this and great partners to call upon to ensure IT policies support your business.

Contracts and IP - be it supplier or client contracts, terms and conditions or IP, we have a great working knowledge of these areas and are keen to advise where apt. We also partner up with efficient legal bodies to help assist further when required.


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